The Garden Railway Club is a website which was jointly developed by a group of like-minded garden railway enthusiasts between 2009 and about 2020. It was never a Forum, but instead was a place for this small group of authors to write articles which would be available for all enthusiasts.

What brought us together was the pleasure of creating, developing and running our own little railway, in a quiet relaxing sort of way. We enjoyed other garden railways which may have be quite different from our own. The choice of railway era, prototype (if any), scale, gauge, power source, accuracy (or lack), company, or location did not concern us, though we certainly did enjoy it when a railway has its own unifying character.

All the contributors had a live 'operating' railway in a real garden setting. All were prepared take the time to share experience, ideas, techniques and developments such that we could learn from, and help, each other. You will see that some articles are complete and some are unfinished. Some have comments from other Club members and some do not. There was no opportunity for non members to comment or “like” as is normal now with Facebook, though we do know that the content had a wide audience within the hobby.

With the increasing popularity of Facebook groups, activity on the Club declined to the point where there were no new articles, and then, in early 2023, Google decided to withdraw the platform so the wealth of knowledge would be lost to the hobby. Thankfully a new group of enthusiasts have been able to save a live copy and make it available once again.

The contents are listed down the left hand side of the page, roughly split into subjects so scroll down to see what is there. sadly the search function does not work any more. If you are viewing on a mobile device you will need to view in landscape format to see this. The “Recent site activity” refers to the final editing before the site was frozen.

Please note that some content - such as suppliers etc. and links may be out of date. Also some photos that were embedded using a remote host, will not appear. The content cannot be edited so our apologies for any confusion caused.